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Congrats Hilary on Mentors in Medicine Award

We are very excited to announce that Hilary Dietz was awarded Mentors In Medicine (MIM) funding to work on her research project. 

Her aim is to look at the utility of CT scan vs CXR for surveillance monitoring after surgical removal of a localized sarcoma.

Her rational for working on this project is, there is little to no consensus on the appropriate timing and imaging type taken for surveillance of patients after surgical removal of a localized soft tissue sarcoma to identify recurrence.  The current practice is dependent on individual and institutional preference as well as whether the patient follows with medical oncology vs orthopedic oncology.  Additionally, much of the current literature is focused on patients who follow with orthopedic oncologists for localized sarcomas of the limbs.  The goal of her work is to determine whether there is a significant difference in overall survival in patients who undergo postoperative surveillance with CXR vs CT scan.  This will help doctors best follow patients and identify disease earlier when it has better treatment options.

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