Here in the Hirbe Lab we aim to address questions about soft tissue sarcomas with a particular interest in Malignant Peripheral Neural Sheath Tumors (MPNSTs). MPNSTs are aggressive sarcomas, which occur at an increased frequency in individuals with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1). Currently, there are no predictive biological markers of disease progression, few therapeutic options, increased propensity for metastasis and poor survival outcomes after diagnosis. Using diverse scientific tools, our lab works to elucidate the important biological events happening in two particular stages of MPNST disease progression: 1. The genetic and molecular events that drive MPNST formation, and 2. The genetic and molecular events that lead to metastasis in these tumors.

With many collaborators, both with in Washington University in St. Louis and around the country, we leverage genomic sequencing data from patient samples and use them to target approaches for molecular manipulation in preclinical models of MPNSTs. Our goal is to understand the underlying biology with the hope of discovering clinical and therapeutic targets for patient survival.

Angela Hirbe M.D. Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Department of Medicine
Oncology Division
Medical Oncology