Identifying therapeutic targets and biomarkers in Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors

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Laboratory Research

In the Lab, we are committed to exploring the basic biology behind sarcomas and pursue potential clinical markers and therapy options. The goal with our research is to develop more accurate diagnostic tests, more effective clinical therapies, and a better understanding of the molecular and genomic facets of sarcoma.  

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About Dr. Hirbe

Learn more about Dr. Hirbe’s journey and dedication to treating sarcoma and increasing understanding of the underlying genetics and molecular paths leading to sarcoma.  

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Clinical Research

Our drive in our clinical research is to focus on patient outcomes and expanding patient options. We are involved in clinical trials for therapies, developing patient databases for research, and collecting patient samples to better understand sarcoma biology. 

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Patient Resources

In our commitment to patients and their outcomes, we aim to provide resources that boost patients and their care-givers during their treatment and beyond. These resources include clinical contacts, patient support sites and more.  

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

As a clinical training laboratory, Dr. Hirbe is dedicated to training the next generation of sarcoma clinicians and researchers. If you are interested in training with Dr. Hirbe, contact us!

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