2022 Hirbe Lab Spring Lunch

We were enjoying the delicious food from Picklemans on Monday, March 28, as Min will end her rotation and Angie wanted to buy lunch for everyone as a farewell!

2021 Hirbe Lab Christmas & New Year Lunch

We had a great time on December 20, 2021, enjoying the delicious food from Sauce on the Side, to celebrate the incoming Christmas and New Year!

2021 Hirbe Lab Thanksgiving Party

We were celebrating the incoming Thanksgiving with the awesome Vietnamese cuisine from Little Saigon Cafe on November 22!

2021 Hirbe Lab Halloween Party

We were enjoying the delicious cuisines, BBQ food, marshmallow sandwiches, and a wonderful night gathering around the bonfire on October 22 for the upcoming Halloween!

2021 Hirbe Lab Lake BBQ

We had a fun time enjoying the outdoors and some tasty BBQ last weekend!

Biomarkers in Sarcoma

Check out a new article on biomarkers in sarcoma in the ASCO daily news! https://dailynews.ascopubs.org/do/10.1200/ADN.21.200505/full/

Congrats to Andy and Kuangying!

We are so proud of Andy and Kuangying who both successfully defended their masters theses in December. Congratulations to both of them!